Fijizal Fijson is another co-main character of the Weirdo series. He is a talking monkey who is part of the FBI.


Fijizal Finley Fijson Jr. was born on April 12, 1975, to Fijizal Sr. and Margaret Fijson in the Los Angeles Zoo. Two years later, his sister, Laura, was born. When she was one, George Theodore rescued the family and became best friends with their oldest. Completely normal and opposite of George, he got a job at the CIA instead of mooching around. Now, he is part of the FBI. His wife would be Fijizalina Fijson and his son is Fijizal III. 


When George finds mysteries, he helps out solving them along with the rest of the gang. The Weirdo puts together brilliant plans to figure things out, everyone follows them, and they ususally work. But even the greatest plans have backfires...