The Weirdo is one of the co-main characters in the series. He is a very odd man who is still very smart and friendly. Unfortunately, his taste in looks aren't fantastic, considering his grey hair sticking out everywhere in his head, his shoes worn on the opposite feet, and his neon-green downcoat.


George Matthew Theodore was born on March 5, 1975 to Warren and Georgina Theodore. Three years before him, his brother, Roosevelt, was born. All his life he was known as The Weirdo. Even though he was incredibly strange, he was still a friendly, smiley, person. When he was three, he met a talking monkey his same age named Fijizal Fijson in a zoo. He rescued him and his family and they became best friends. With Roosevelt always away, his child, Scotty, whom he delivered with Mary, his wife, lived with George. When Geroge wanted another kid, he had one with Mary and named him Lippy. He found his daughter, Melagala, on the street. Aside from solving mysteries, he is the principal of Scotty, Lippy and Melagala's school.


The Weirdo always finds mysteries, whether he's in his home-city, Los Angeles, or Vegas, or anywhere! Even though odd, his mystery-solving plans are genius. He always ends up figuring things out, with the help his kids, nephew, best friend, and his family.